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Hippocrates Edizioni Medico-Scientifiche Srl is a medical publishing company that offers its Clients concrete appropriate and integrated communication specifically for the updating and education of doctors.

Hippocrates Edizioni Medico-Scientifiche Srl was launched in 1994 positioning itself within the Italian scientific and medical publishing arena with the introduction of its highly original yet practical professional Vademecum, specifically created for the single medical Specialist. The company has in fact perfected its professional Vademecum over the years, in over 36 editions, offering a vast range of up to date professional information, together with the latest clinical developments in the Specialist’s area of interest.

Each manual “Vademecum Hippocrates” produced by the company not only has a team of expert writers for the whole spectrum of professional arguments but also directly collaborates with the major Italian scientific societies and associations for the areas strictly dedicated to clinical and patient management for the Specialist.

In the arena of medical publishing Hippocrates is one of the few companies which is highly committed to providing information for doctors on Rare Diseases. The updated Italian version of the Physicians’ Guide to Rare Diseases was the first in a series of highly successful publications in this area. Some of the more recent publications are Rare Diseases in the young adult: a new horizon for the General Practitioner, The Cardiologist and Rare Diseases; Cardiovascular Emergencies in the Adult with Congenital Heart Disease.

In 1999 Hippocrates decisively launched into the medical specialist journal market, with its series of “Informer”- a periodical which offers both clinical updates in key areas of interest for the Specialist together with pertinent professional arguments which affect the doctor’s day to day practice in hospital or in his studio. This was followed by “Doctor to Doctor” a journal specifically developed for the family practitioner and constituting a forum for communication between the Specialist and the General Practitioner addressing particular issues of patient care and management.

Another important area for Hippocrates is its range of up-to-date prescribing referencesfor healthcare professionals “Farmaci Informer” which provides both the Specialist and the General Practitioner with an up to date, easy to use manual of all pharmaceutical products (branded and generics) available nationally (over 6.000 in Italy).

Hippocrates has a wide range of publications to add to those mentioned above such as its long experience in Congress Reports its various editions of valuable healthcare compendiums of Italian Healthcare Structures “Indirizzari Sanitari Italiani, the first volumes dedicated to both social, cultural and clinical issues for children of different ethnic groups “Etnomedicina” as well as numerous other publications often developed in close collaboration with the more important Italian scientific societies and associations.

Hippocrates has established its reputation as a professional and rigorous medical publishing house that is able to offer its Clients, in the main pharmaceutical companies, a high level of creativity and competence in the development and realization of promotional activity. Hippocrates offers a range of projects tailor made to fit the Clients particular requirements from product launch programs, detailed product monographs, congress reports, Continuous Medical Education, pharmaceutical profiles, promotional visuals, product advertising and other forms of communication within the medical arena.

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